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Project Description
Newsleter application:
You can write newsletters using Live Writter, manage them online, see statistics. A windows service is used to send mails.
C#, ASP.NET MVC2, WCF services, Jquery, Jquery UI, Telerik MVC 2, MetaWeblog API.
Easily configurable.

This newsletter is composed off:
-A front-end in ASP.NET MVC 2 and Jquery/Jquery UI.
-A Windows WCF Service wich send newsletters.
-A MetaWeblog and Blogger WebService used to communicate with an HTML generator (tested with Windows Live Writter).

Database creation scripts are availables in GestionNewsLetters project then App_Data folder.
ASPNETDB.MDF is used to store administrators only. It's separated from subscribers database.
Logs.sql : table schema for log table. You normally don't need to modify this.
Users.sql: table schema for user table. you might want to use another table, with different rows. It's possible and you'll only need minor modifications.

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